A Guide To Studying MBBS In Georgia

Study MBBS in Georgia

For anyone aspiring to be a doctor, studying MBBS is the way to achieve their dream. There are many prestigious medical institutions both in India and abroad where students can get the necessary training to complete their education.

The education system in India differs from MMBS education abroad significantly. However, passionate medical students would certainly find studying MBBS abroad worth their while. The exposure to a new culture, campus life and infrastructure is an exciting experience that nobody would want to miss.

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

It might sound a bit intimidating at first but studying medicine abroad is a once in a lifetime experience. Alumni from different prestigious MBBS institutions abroad claim how choosing to study outside India certainly gave them a new perspective over many things. Going outside means you are opening up to a new culture.

This gives you enough opportunities to learn new skill sets and ideas. Not to mention the tag of completing your education outside the country, certainly adds a degree of prestige to your name.

It is seen that students who study MBBS abroad also get plenty of internship options there at reputable medical institutions. The rapid growth in medicine science abroad opens up new doors of opportunities for aspiring medical students. This is the right time to go out and explore what the different countries have to offer now that studying outside is much easier and affordable than before.

Studying Medicine In Georgia

While not as popular an education destination for medicine as UK or US, Georgia is a wonderful country with almost 15 leading MBBS institutions. Many of its universities are recognised by the World Health Organisation so many Indian students are now choosing to study MBBS in Georgia. Coupled with its affordable fee structure for excellent education and accommodation, Georgia is a dream come true for anyone to plans to study outside the country.

Eligibility Criteria To Study MBBS In Georgia

If you want to study MBBS in Georgia, there are certain eligibility criteria you need to pass.
1. You must be above 17 years of age
2. You must have completed 10+2 in science
3. You must have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects in your 10+2
4. You must have scored more than 50% in 10+2 and qualified NEET
5. You need to clear TOEFL/IELTS/PTE

Misconceptions About Studying MBBS In Georgia

Many agents fool the students by saying that they can get the visa to work in Europe by studying in Georgia. However, this is completely false. Georgia is not a part of Europe, in fact, it was once a part of Russia. Working in Europe would still require you to achieve language proficiency in the respective country as well as fulfilling some other criteria.

If you plan to study medicine in Georgia, make sure to know about all the requirements to pass their eligibility and bring the required documents. Studying in Georgia is a great option for medical students because of the many opportunities it provides and its lower costs of living compared to other countries.