Choose Jamaica For Affordable And Quality Medical Studies

Study MBBS in Jamaica

A beautiful island country, Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea. Rich in terms of natural beauty and cultural heritage, Jamaica boasts a lovely atmosphere to the hundreds of tourists and students who go there each year.

Certainly, not a name that comes to mind when someone talks about studying MBBS abroad, the country actually provides a good learning platform for the many aspiring students who go there to study medicine.

Jamaica is the home to many intelligent people hence, do not be surprised by the number of prestigious universities gracing this island. If you have once dreamt about pursuing medical studies abroad in a relaxing place with lovely people, Jamaica is the place to go to. Nowadays, an increasing number of students are choosing Jamaica to continue their higher education seeing all the opportunities in the country.

Why People Study MBBS In Jamaica?

As stated before, it is a beautiful country, with lush green tropical forests and sparkling sandy beaches. Compared to many other places, people face a different atmosphere when they come to Study MBBS in Jamaica. The people here are talented, warm and friendly, the universities are some of the best with a promising faculty and staff and you do not have to worry about spending too much.

The fees structure in Jamaica is mostly affordable for students with a passion for medicine. You can find accommodation easily as well. If you want to go to hostel facilities, that is available too. All things considered, choosing Jamaica when you plan to get MBBS education abroad might be a really good idea. Jamaica also boasts a significant number of Indians so you are definitely not going to feel lonely in this island country.

Eligibility For Studying MBBS Education Abroad In Jamaica

1. You need to complete your 10+2 education or BSc (medical) 1st Year or Nursing 1st Year or B Pharma 1st Year
2. While passing NEET is an option, it is not a necessity

Few Ways To Reduce Your Cost Of Living While You Study Medicine In Jamaica

1. If you are currently studying at a university in India, make sure to keep a lookout for university programmes that facilitate studying MBBS abroad. These programmes, for example, exchange programmes normally take care of some part of the costs of studying there, like the tuition fees or the fees to go there, etc.

2. Do not waste money unnecessarily on travelling to and fro from the university. While it might seem really unflattering to a college student’s lifestyle, you save a bit every time you decide to commute. Saving even little matters a lot when you are studying abroad. One of the ways to reduce the distance to university is by renting a home or hostel close to it.

3. Lookup for some government or privately funded scholarships for studying abroad. University study abroad counsellors should be able to give you more information about the scholarships you can apply for.

If you want to study MBBS in Jamaica, make sure to do prior research about the many universities in the country and pick what’s best for you. It is not a hard thing to study MBBS abroad, just make a plan and be well-informed.