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At Triangle Consultancy we have financial advisors who are extremely proficient and capable of providing you with assistance regarding your finances. Studying abroad can be quite an expensive matter, one that requires proper planning of the finances. There are many expenses that you have to bear when you plan to study MBBS abroad. We have expert overseas MBBS education consultants who know all the right ways through which you can sort out your finances for studying abroad.


There are many costs involved when studying abroad such as tuition fees, hostel fees, and many others. Not many students can afford the whole expense which is why they are in dire need of financial assistance so that they could get scholarships, loans or other financial aids.


However, students who can afford the whole expense would also need financial assistance so that they know how much money to spend at that place. Our MBBS consultancy to study abroad would help you in getting the necessary financial aids based on the country ad university that you would be going to.


The kind of financial aid may differ from country to country. Not all countries provide the same financial aid, and you can get to know this only with the financial assistance of our experts.


There are certain countries which do not provide scholarships, which is why you need to apply for a loan in your home country. This is why financial assistance is very important since it is not possible for you to know all the details properly.


With the increase in international applications for abroad study, there has been more in need of assistance so that the students can secure their places in the university that they wish to study in. We provide financial assistance for application in different countries such as Armenia, China, Ukraine, Philippines, Georgia, Jamaica and Kyrgyzstan.  

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