Life of Students Who Study MBBS in Philippines

Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines are one of the most attractive places for students who want to study MBBS abroad. There are many reasons why people want to study medicine in Philippines. Pursuing the MBBS in Philippines is worthwhile since they have many recognized universities.

The best thing about Philippines is that the citizens are very welcoming of people from varied cultures. Not only is the educational facility good, but the people of the country are also very warm and accepting.

Students who wish to study MBBS in Philippines can get many opportunities in both educational and professional aspect of the medical field. It would be a very wise decision to opt for studies in Philippines as the students can have a very good life there. There are many aspects which show why life in the country would be good for students who want to study MBBS in Philippines.

Language of the Country

English is the most common language that is used in the country. This makes it quite easy for students to converse with one another. Moreover, the medium of teaching the course is also English which is a comfort zone for most international students. Most of the things in the country such as in shops, radios and other places, the medium of communication is English.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS Abroad in Philippines

In Philippines, students who want to pursue a degree in medicine would need to have 14 years of education. This means that they have to have a bachelor’s degree in BS after they have completed their 12th standard education. For Indian students, there are certain additional credits which enable them to do 2 years of BS after which they can enroll for 4 years of MD course.

The Best Universities for MBBS

Over time Philippines has become a hub of the best medical colleges in the world. For the student who wants to pursue their MBBS education abroad, Philippines can be a great choice since some of the well-reputed colleges in the country. They have renowned medical colleges which have amazing research centers. The hostel facilities in these universities are perfect for students outside of the country. There is the availability of Indian food which is a great thing for Indian students.

Exceptional Educational Quality

The quality of education in Philippines is very high considering the adoption of the latest methods of studying. The curriculum of Philippines is normally influenced by the American curriculum. Even though the passing percentage is comparatively higher than that of in India, the cost of tuition is low and affordable. There is also the examination of NMAT which needs to be completed before admission to the field of medicine.

You can have a great experience if you want to study MBBS in Philippines. The different facilities and future prospects that are offered by the country make it a great place for abroad education. You can find ample of opportunities which will help you in pursuing your dream of making a place of yourself in the field of medicine.