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The Best Medical Universities in China for Studying MBBS

The universities which are present in China are one of the best and highly ranked universities in the whole world. Students from different countries wish to study in these universities as they are the best in the world. The universities are widely recognized as well which keeps many doors open for the international students. Triangle Consultancy has collaborations with some of the top MBBS Colleges in China where they help the students to secure their seats. The guidance provided by Triangle Consultancy will surely be enough for students to secure a position for themselves in the university of their choice.

Students are attracted to the amazing infrastructure and technological advancements of the country. There is a lot to learn in the field of medicine in China as they are continually growing their horizon with newly developed technologies. Lots of students can be accommodated in the universities and each classroom has a good enough capacity for students. The classrooms structures are in such a way that each student can learn the course properly without getting lost in the crowd. There are very well trained and experienced faculties who can teach the course to the students in a very exceptional manner.

The Best MBBS Universities in China

There are several medical universities in China which Triangle Consultancy deals with. There are more than 45 universities in which the medium of teaching in English. English being the medium of these colleges is very beneficial for students of different countries. The students can understand the course properly as not everyone knows Chinese. By studying in these universities students can be eligible for medical screening tests such as HPCSA, PLAB, MCI, AC, USMKE, SCHS, etc. These medical screening tests are important if the students want to practice medicine in different countries.

The world-class infrastructure of the country is another point of attraction for the students. They can study in a university with a great campus. The campuses of medical universities in China are quite big and can hold hundreds of students. However, the universities are also very systematic about accepting students in MBBS. They solely admit students based on their merit.

China is also a very secure place for students from other countries. The people of China are very helpful and the students would always find help in times of need. It is also a very strict country and any criminal offense in treated with strictness.

Eligibility and Duration of Studying MBBS in China

Students have to have more than 50% of marks in their 12th standard from a recognized board. The marks have to be essentially in the science subjects of Chemistry Physics and Biology. Only students who have more than 50% marks will be eligible to apply in the top MBBS universities in China. Moreover, they would also have to be qualified in the NEET examination.

The duration of the course in China is of 6 years in which 5 years is for classroom education and the last 1 year is practical training. In this 1 year, the students will be given apprenticeship opportunities in good hospitals.

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