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After receiving the admission letter from your university, you would need to apply for a student visa. Getting a student visa is not at all an easy process and a simple mistake in the process could mean the rejection of the visa.


There is much documentation that is involved in the process of visa application. Moreover, every country has different procedure and documentation that needs to be fulfilled. It might not always be possible for you to understand the whole process, which is why taking professional help is always recommended.


As overseas MBBS education consultants, we know the procedure that is required to be fulfilled for the visa application to your country where you would be going for studying. We will be able to guide you in the complete process of visa application so that there is no mistake and your visa is sanctioned.


For this, you would have to provide all the necessary documents that are required for the application. Moreover, make sure that none of the documents are fake as this could lead to dire consequences.


We have professional counsellors for visa and ex-visa officials who will be able to tell you the exact way that the visa form needs to be filled without any flaw in it. We provide all kinds of MBBS consultancy to study abroad.


Visa application is one such service that we provide so that you can successfully get the visa and go study in your dream college. In your pursuit to study MBBS abroad, we are completely supportive of you by providing every necessary service that you need.


We provide visa assistance for different countries such as Georgia, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, China, Philippines, Ukraine and others. You will receive complete assistance in the visa application process for any of these countries where your university is located.

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